Our products

AgroRent machine M20

Our Swedish-made machine is developed for agriculture with animal production and is adapted to the harsh environments that exist on a farm. With AgroRent, AnoDes produces on site and ensures a sustainable solution that is also approved for organic production. The machine is reliable with remote monitoring and can be adapted as needed. AgroRent is available in several versions with varying capacities, M20-20, M20-40 and M20-80. Order

AnoRent machine M20

Swedish-made machine that is adapted for industry, hotels, real estate and production of disinfection on site. The machine is reliable and can be adapted with remote monitoring as needed. AnoRent is available in several sizes and designs that produce different amounts of AnoDes and can treat different amounts of water. Order

Dimming machine

AnoDes can be used for disinfection with dry mist and is approved according to EN standard 17272 for machine automated airborne room disinfection. With a dimming machine, an entire room can be easily disinfected with dry mist. The dry mist kills bacteria, viruses, mold, spores and fungi. Order


Automatic dispenser with spray nozzle and automatic dosing via sensor. Wall hung or on stand. Order


A non-alcoholic disinfection that effectively kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold and spores. The disinfectant is pH neutral and non-drying. Can be used for disinfection of skin or surfaces. AnoDes is produced by electrolysis and is completely free of dyes and alcohol, and effective in low concentrations.

Approved according to PT1-5 for use as disinfection for human hygiene, surface disinfection, veterinary hygiene, surfaces that come into contact with food and animal feed and drinking water. AnoDes meets the European standards for disinfectants: EN 13624, EN 13623, EN 13610, EN17272, EN13697, EN13727 and EN14476.

Hoof spray

With Anolytech’s hoof spray, you get an automatic system that disinfects with AnoDes. Efficient, environmentally friendly and does not cause burns. The hooves are sprayed at each milking time while the cow is being milked. Anorent reduces bacterial-related problems, such as hoof rot, digital dermatitis, cleft palate inflammation and hoof disease to a low treatment cost. Order

This is how it works in practice

A subscription

Anolytech Agrorent is not purchased but is a subscription with a low monthly cost – no investment needs to be made. The subscription includes installation, service and spare parts.


In order not to disturb your production unnecessarily, Anolytech delivers a water line (pipe connection) to you, which you arrange for it to be installed at the agreed location. When this is done, our fitter will install the equipment.


The ongoing maintenance is simple. You fill the container with salt tablets and then the equipment takes care of the rest around the clock, all year round. Two to four times a year you are visited by our service staff who do the necessary service and make sure that everything works as it should.